Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Stuff Friday 2/25/11

So every Friday I try to put together some stuff that are completely FREE! Sorry for not putting together one for last week, hopefully this one will make up for it. This week on Free Stuff Fridays I am giving out a list of great programs that are used for troubleshooting computers and all can be ran off your USB device, and most of all; they are all FREE!

  • Device Doctor Portable
          Great USB tool that can easily scan your computer to find if your, or someone else, computer needs to  have their drivers updated. I don't know how many times I use the windows driver updater and it just tells me I have the latest drivers. Another great thing about this is that it finds the correct driver for you to download and provides a link.
           Download link: Here

  • Speccy
          Another cool tool that when ran scans your computer specs and comes with a very slick looking user interface that can tell you everything hardware related to your computer. It gives you information such as CPU, motherboard, RAM, HDD drives, optical drives, audio devices and temperature if your hardware supports it.
           Download link: Here

  • Dead Pixel Fixer
          Great tool if this ever happens, I have had a dead pixel and it is one of the biggest annoyances in the world next to girls who scream at their phones while in the movie theater. Run the program, select the settings for the dead pixels like size and length of time you want it to run, the longer the better, but don't over do it. Pretty easy tool, all though this tool doesn't always work; it usually works 80% of the time though.
           Download link: Here

  • Add/Remove Program Cleaner  
          Another one of those tools that will help with those little annoyances of life. Ever removed a program through windows add/remove program to find it's still there? Yeah, I know I have. This tool will clean all that mess up.
          Download link: Here

This concludes another week of Free Stuff Friday, I have many more USB tools that I'll be posting next week too, I just don't have the time (or space) to write them all up at once. 


  1. Thanks for the tips man. Great stuff.

  2. There are some good finds here. Thanks for the post. You've got yourself another follower.

  3. Thanks for the tips here; you can't go wrong with free stuff! I can't wait to see future posts on what else I can get for free!

  4. agree with Charles