Thursday, February 10, 2011

For The Love Of Art...

    Well I just saw David Garibaldi LIVE! If anyone hasn't seen him and ever has the opportunity please, for my sake, go; it is well worth it. As an ex-graffiti artist he has moved onto greater things such as painting (legally) and not just for for kicks but for non-profit organizations. I was oblivious of speed painting and, frankly, didn't even know it was possible to paint Einstein upside down in under five minutes. Yes you read that correct, five flippin' minutes. The show I got to go to was about an hour and he painted Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Martin Luther King Jr., and Einstein. It was an amazing coordination of both skill and talent that involved multiple up beat mixed songs that went along to him painting. I can just say I was pretty much stunned after seeing him put some scribbles onto the black canvas then seconds later making out a beautiful piece of art.
     Much respect to artists such as David, he has truly inspired me to become much more artistic with my life, I never even thought it could be some much fun to coordinate dancing into something such as painting. I'll just make it official and say once I get a house I am dedicating a room just for painting in.
    If you are a boob like many people on the internet and don't leave your "command center" then you can catch David on youtube, twitter, and facebook.


  1. 1st! Sweet Ideas. I love the Flow Check mine to see something similiar

  2. Impressive artwork!

  3. I'm surely checking him out on youtube

  4. I'm definitely going to have to find a video of him painting upside down in five minutes. I don't believe it til I see it.