Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Apple's iPad 2 Announced!

   Well as most of you may now know, Apple has announced that the new iPad will be selling anytime soon. I personally don't see what all the hub-ub is all about. There is only a few new features being added such as a dual-camera, duel-core A5 chips, and dual-view HDMI. All though it will have iOS 4.3 I don't see why they would really need it besides maybe the iMovie program or whatever. (Yeah, I'm not much of an Apple fan). It seems like a waste with the iOS 4.3 since everything is pretty much locked-down with Apple's crazy restrictions on absolutely everything they make. 

    In my personal opinion, I would sit this one out guys. For the price they are charging and for what features should have been out on the first iPad, I suggest just waiting, but if you're a hipster and live in a coffee shop and like to throw money at Apple, go for it. I would rather sit in the comfort of my command center next to my cozy tower I like to call 'The F16' (On the account that it sounds like a jet at times). Back on topic, if Apple would stop charging crazy prices, and opened up their operating systems, they would have one more customer.

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