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Swagbucks Guide

Swagbucks is an easy way to earn rewards such as the 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 dollar paypal cards
which you can use to buy FB credits and in turn shiny.

After you sign up things might look a little confusing but I will explain it all in this guide.
You can sign up HERE

Guide contents
Daily Deals
Daily polls
NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers)
Special Offers
Swagbucks TV
Trade in
Trusted Surveys
Swag Codes
Collector Bills
Birthday bucks
Swagbucks mail

The homepage is where you will start off after signing up.
This is your first day so don't be discouraged about how much you earn your first day.
My first day I only earned 75.

This is what the homepage looks like.

Sometimes on the homepage you will see videos you can watch to earn 1 or 2 swagbucks for each video. It will be one of the news feed cards.

For the 1 swagbucks ones you can initiate the video and then close it out and you will earn the swag buck without having to watch the video. If you do not see another video take it's place, try refreshing the page and sometimes another one will show up.

For the 2 swag bucks one, while you don't have to watch the video, you do have to let it play all the way through till it says "Thanks for watching".
When you finish watching the video, the card will disappear but you can refresh the page over and over again to watch a few videos before it disappears for good for that day.

There is usually a card on the homepage for a 60 SB survey while you can do it if you want to, it can take up to a week for it to credit and you can only do it once a day.


You will get 1 swagbuck per day just for having the toolbar.
The toolbar also makes it so you can navigate to swagbucks easily and makes is so you don't have to bookmark the sight.

There are rumored problems with it such as making the browser crash from time to time, but I haven't had any problems with it. If you do you can install it and un-equip it and equip it each day as needed.


If you have a printer you can use their coupons at stores to earn swagbucks.
Amount earned varies per coupon and they can take a while to credit.
Haven't tried this one myself.
Coupons can be used pretty much anywhere and they have a huge variety.

Daily Deals

Daily deals is where you can buy stuff to earn SB's.
If you were already planning on buying it then may as well make some swag in the deal.

Daily polls

Answer anything earn 1 SB. You can do it once a day.


Games aren't the best way to earn SB's but they are fun and good if your out of other ways to earn.
To earn you play a game 2 times and submit your score both times and in most games made it past level 4, it will credit you 2 swagbucks.
Crazy Taxi is my favorite game and it is easy to make it to level 4.

NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers)
NOSO is an easy 2 SB's per day. Just start it and hit skip, see next offer and no thanks a few times and enter the captcha and done.

Search is easy sometimes and hard other tmes.
Just search until you win and wait a few hours and do it again.
Sometimes you will win on your first search some times your 50th of the day.
Amount you win can range greatly from as low as 7 to as high as 1000, although the highest I've won is 15 or so.
You can typically win 2-4 times in a day.
Don't excessively search all day or it can get you a few hour wait before you can search again or banned.

Special Offers

Some Special Offers are easy and some don't credit.
Some credit multiple times per day and some only once ever.

First up is Ad Rewards. You answer a short 3 or 4 question survey and then get a page of 1 to 10 videos.
You watch the videos and enter the 2 numbers they display in the video at the end of the video.

Some videos you just hit continue and then receive reward at the end of the video.
Videos are typically worth 1 SB and are about 30 seconds long.

Second is trialpay. The only thing I look for in trialpay is Lab 42 survey.
When they have a survey it is a really easy 45 swagbucks.
There is also ampario and simplisio surveys, both are a little more difficult to qualify for but I try them occasionally because they pay good.
All three are only able to be done once a day.
You can try other offers on here as well they are pretty reliable with pay out.

Third is RadiumOne. RO is pretty reliable when it comes to paying out the SB's.
There is one offer with a pic of a laptop with a greenish colored background for 1 swagbuck that can be done over and over until it says no.
You just click the offer and refresh your points till you see that it has paid you then close it
and open it again. I've gotten it to credit me up to 20 times.

Next is PaymentWall. PaymentWall is decent with payout. All I got to say about this one is
it is survey central. There are always surveys here and they actually tell you the topic that they are going to be on so you have less of a chance of getting DQ'ed.

Next is Super rewards. All I can say is don't waste your time. They never pay without a email fight.

Next is PeanutLabs. They are pretty reliable with payout. They also have the occasional survey to do, and videos that credit multiple times.
Videos aren't always there.

Next is Sponserpay. Also don't waste your time. I haven't gotten a single SB from them.

Swagbucks TV

SBTV is probably where you will do most of your earning.
You watch videos till the SB meter reaches 100% at which point you earn 3 SB's.
You don't have to watch the whole video, just until the SB meter advances by 10% then you click another video in the related
video section.
I usually mute the browser that I am using to watch SBTV and use another browser to do what ever else I want to do
checking SBTV every minute or so.
It doesn't matter if you click the same 2 videos over and over again it will still count.
I usually watch a movie and run SBTV in the background.

Tasks are a good way to earn but you have to pick the right ones.
Tasks that pay 8 or higher per completion are usually the easiest to complete and the most worth the trouble.
Tasks that pay less are mostly more work than they are worth.
Tasks don't pay out until you reach a total of 20 SB's or higher, there is a guage on the top left of the task page if you are doing a task that will tell you how much you have.
You can't guess it, you have to actually complete the task in full to get credit, if you get too much wrong they won't allow you to continue earning with that task.
Why they have you do it if they already know the answers is beyond me. Complete BS if you ask me. lol

Trade in
You can trade in books and electronics (Specific must work or be in good condition) for SB's.
Amount is based on item.
They provide free shipping so you can ship it to them.
Never did it myself.

Trusted Surveys
Check your surveys from time to time through out the day as they are the easiest way to earn large amounts of swagbucks.
First to qualify tell the truth unless you know it will get you disqualified from the survey.
When it asks you if you or any of your family work in specified selection of jobs, answer none of the above.
Answering anything different will get you DQ'ed.
No guarantee that you will qualify but that will up your chances.
If you randomly answer questions to get through the survey faster (Once you are in the actual survey)
at least skim read the answers because some of them may be traps for speed clickers.
Ex. For quality purposes choose number 6. (They do that. lol)

Swag Codes
From time to time but not every day they will release a code on one of their sights and if you enter it you get a set amount of SB's.
Ranging from 3- ? Highest I've seen is 10.
Here is a cheat site. They post swag codes when they are released and tell you when they expire.
Codes usually stay active for 2 hours from post time.
You can set the site to text you when codes are released.

Collector Bills

Collector bills show up every once in a great while (Every few months).
When they are out, you find them by searching and if you collect them all you get a SB bonus.

You can go to the swag store and find the item you want to earn the points for and put it in your wishlist.
Your wishlist will tell you how much you have left to earn before you can order it.
Once you order your paypal card it will show up in your gift card section.
At which point you will log into paypal and go here and enter the number to get the cash deposited into your paypal account.
Then you just go to Facebook and use paypal to buy credits.

And use the credits to buy you shiny.

Swago is kind of like bingo and you get a piece every time you buy an item in the swag store.
Not to sure how this works because I haven't used it yet but the way I understand it is for every 5 you place on the board you get 1000 SB's.

Birthday bucks
On your birthday they give you 50 SB's by email.
Click the link in the email to get your B-day bonus.
Hint: To get them sooner sign up with your birthday being tomorrow.

Swagbucks mail
Occasionally they will send offers to your SB mail, located on the top of the homepage bar, envelope icon.
For the one that pays you 3 to find out if a video on SBTV has an add or not, click the link then click the other button to answer "I didn't see an ad video" even if you did see one. It works every time.
The other answers don't always work even if you did it right.

Happy earning!

Have any questions just ask here!

From: http://undertakersfoforum.forumotion.com/t200-swagbucks-guide
By: Jaymond

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Super Sonic Space Jump

By: Jesus Diaz
Source: Gizmodo

He did it! That crazy awesome Felix Baumgartner jumped off the edge of the space, from 127,000 feet of altitude all the way back down to Earth, breaking some world records in the process. Watch as he jumps of the capsule. It's a frightening, adrenaline-fueled, historic moment.
Update: It's official, Felix is now the first man on the planet to break the speed of sound with no mechanical propulsion—just him and Earth's gravity. Talking at the post-jump press conference, he told everyone about the moment in which he exceeded Mach 1. It got scary.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting Free TF2 Keys Or Free Money

There are two methods that you can get free TF2 keys. The methods that I show here in my guide are autopilot methods.

First, You will need a Paypal account. You can sign up for one here. The money you earn from the following websites will be transferred into your Paypal account. You will then add funds to your Steam wallet from the funds from your Paypal account.

Method 1
For method one, you will need to sign up for MegaYoutubeViews here. Download the autowatcher from the home page and start using it. I earn about 1500 credits a day from the autowatcher. Once you earn 25000 credits, you can cash it out for $10 in the store. Through MegaYoutubeViews, I make about $18 a month. That’s about 7 keys! Do note that MegaYoutubeViews will take time to process your payment as they are a little behind schedule with their payments. It might take a couple of months before they process your payment. However, they DO pay. If you want your keys more immediately, try method 2.

Method 2
For method two, you will need to sign up for an account on Adfoc.us here, and EmpireViews here. You will also need to download Firefox here.

In Adfoc.us, shorten a couple of links to whatever websites you desire. I reccomend shortening at least 15 websites. Next, head over to EmpireViews. Open up firefox and start earning credits there. Once you earn 15000 credits (it should not take long), submit those 15 websites to EmpireViews. Adfoc.us is on the autoapprove list so it should approve immediately. For the “Views to add”, it’s your choice. But putting your view length to around 10 is enough for it to count on Adfoc.us. Make sure you vary your view length so that Adfoc.us does not ban you. Also set the “Check Ip” to “Yes”. This makes sure that the same Ip does not visit your Adfoc.us link more than once per day. This reduces the chance of ban in Adfoc.us.

Use both of these methods at once and you will be on your way to TF2 premium at once!
To clear up confusion, I will explain some of these website now.
MegaYoutubeViews is a website where you views Youtube videos and get credits. This is done automatically. The credits can either be spent to gain views on your own Youtube videos or can be cashed out for Paypal money.

Adfoc.us is a website where you get paid to shorten URLs. Every time somebody visits your shortened Adfoc.us link, you get paid a small amount. Buy using EmpireViews, you can get views very quickly.

EmpireViews is a traffic exchange website. You simply view other people’s website and you gain credits. This is also done automatically. If you spend those credits on your Adfoc.us links, you gain money very quickly.

Now you could continue doing this for TF2 or any steam store games out there now but you don't have to. This is real fresh money in your paypal account, you could just pocket it if you felt the urge.

Note: Empire Views to be down as the moment of this post so an alternate would be Add Me Fast, which can be found here.

Source: here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get Free Books, Gadgets, and More by Writing Thoughtful Reviews

It's fun to get a shiny new gadget or indulge in a great book or movie, but constantly purchasing these items can get pretty pricey if you do it often. If you want to keep getting new stuff without the downside of paying for it, however, work-life blog Savvy Sugar points out that all that's necessary is a couple of good online reviews:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bob Beckel Is Sorry (Not Really)

Sean Hannity may have started a segment on Monday night’s edition of Hannity by tossing the football around, but by the end of the block, he found himself playing referee. Hannity was caught off-guard after a heated debate between Fox News contributor and former Democratic strategist Bob Beckel and Tea Party activist Jennifer Stefano ended with Beckel dropping the F-bomb on live TV. It took much convincing for Beckel to even acknowledge he was on-air before he issued a halfhearted apology — one that he quickly nullified by pointing fingers at Hannity — and effectively turned his back on the group to pout. Though it was a different kind of tantrum, I think it may have been the best display of petulance since… well… another famous face from Fox News. See the Beckel clip (NSFW, of course) after the jump.

Source: Here