Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting Free TF2 Keys Or Free Money

There are two methods that you can get free TF2 keys. The methods that I show here in my guide are autopilot methods.

First, You will need a Paypal account. You can sign up for one here. The money you earn from the following websites will be transferred into your Paypal account. You will then add funds to your Steam wallet from the funds from your Paypal account.

Method 1
For method one, you will need to sign up for MegaYoutubeViews here. Download the autowatcher from the home page and start using it. I earn about 1500 credits a day from the autowatcher. Once you earn 25000 credits, you can cash it out for $10 in the store. Through MegaYoutubeViews, I make about $18 a month. That’s about 7 keys! Do note that MegaYoutubeViews will take time to process your payment as they are a little behind schedule with their payments. It might take a couple of months before they process your payment. However, they DO pay. If you want your keys more immediately, try method 2.

Method 2
For method two, you will need to sign up for an account on here, and EmpireViews here. You will also need to download Firefox here.

In, shorten a couple of links to whatever websites you desire. I reccomend shortening at least 15 websites. Next, head over to EmpireViews. Open up firefox and start earning credits there. Once you earn 15000 credits (it should not take long), submit those 15 websites to EmpireViews. is on the autoapprove list so it should approve immediately. For the “Views to add”, it’s your choice. But putting your view length to around 10 is enough for it to count on Make sure you vary your view length so that does not ban you. Also set the “Check Ip” to “Yes”. This makes sure that the same Ip does not visit your link more than once per day. This reduces the chance of ban in

Use both of these methods at once and you will be on your way to TF2 premium at once!
To clear up confusion, I will explain some of these website now.
MegaYoutubeViews is a website where you views Youtube videos and get credits. This is done automatically. The credits can either be spent to gain views on your own Youtube videos or can be cashed out for Paypal money. is a website where you get paid to shorten URLs. Every time somebody visits your shortened link, you get paid a small amount. Buy using EmpireViews, you can get views very quickly.

EmpireViews is a traffic exchange website. You simply view other people’s website and you gain credits. This is also done automatically. If you spend those credits on your links, you gain money very quickly.

Now you could continue doing this for TF2 or any steam store games out there now but you don't have to. This is real fresh money in your paypal account, you could just pocket it if you felt the urge.

Note: Empire Views to be down as the moment of this post so an alternate would be Add Me Fast, which can be found here.

Source: here.