Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Samsung Captivate

So after buying a droid and not liking it, yes I am a picky bastard, I bought a better newer phone. Awwww yeah! The Samsung Captivate smartphone. This thing has got balls of steel baby, best phone I have ever had in my entire life and with a little insight and trickery you can get around the crazy amount of charges that AT&T wants you to pay monthly.

GO-PHONE! I can't stress this enough for a smartphone if you rarely use a data plan. I am not an avid Facebooker or a ... Twitterer. (I usually only check my email when I get home anyways) So I was in no need for a $15 monthly fee for data I was never gonna use. I got a go-phone and as a college student I rarely use the phone feature too, mainly just for texting my peeps. Easy ass plan let me tell you. Works wonders, got the $1/day usage fee IF you use the phone that day then some other charges every minutes after, I don't know them since I don't use them. Then get the 1000 text message package for like $10. Boom, I spend just about $20 a month on a top of the line smartphone.

Now beyond my rant about my service provider and onto the phone! The phone is flippin' light! I compared it to the Droid and let me tell you, the Droid is like holding a brick while the Captivate is like holding a feather. I just bought a case on eBay for $5 to keep it from floating away. The screen is also very bright and the OS as a whole is very responsive. I enjoy the fact that it uses the Android OS since I think Apple is a bunch of pretentious buttfucks that duct tape everything they can down to keep you from doing something they don't want you to do. Android removes that tape with open source baby. Talk about an awesome OS, opensource, fast, light, and the app marketplace is already getting close to that of Apples.

  • Protip: Turn the screen brightness down all the way, even if you don't have the Captivate. Keeping the brightness low may make it harder to see, but trust me you'll get used to it. The battery lasts an additional day or two with the brightness down to low.
  • Protip: Turn off 3G if you aren't using a data plan like me, to do it on the captivate. Dial "*#*#4636#*#*" that should bring you into the phones maintenance mode, click phone information, and change it to GSM only. Boom, no more 3G charges up the ying-yang. 

From just following those tips, my phone only needs to be charged about once a week, and I use it EVERY day. Amazing!

In summary, best phone I have ever had in my entire life. Suck it iPhone buttfags!


  1. Dude I would be lucky to actually get a phone like this! Supporting!


  2. eBay man! This phone is $500 to get it unlocked from a retailer, I bought a refurbished one off eBay (practically new) for $350 much cheaper if you really want a top of the line phone for a discount.