Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Stuff Friday

So every Friday or so I'll try to get something I find that everyone can enjoy for FREE! Please, please you can cheer at the end.

This week I'll give out some eBooks that I have collected over the years of scrounging the internet.

To open, right click and use 7-zip to extract them. If you don't have 7-zip head on over to and get one of the greatest extracting tools.

  • Here are 7 great eBooks going from understanding TCP on wireless networks to programming in Python or Visual C to hacking your cable modem, hacking Firefox, and even how to change your identity!
         Download Link: Here

  • Here are 11 military training manuals in the eBook format. Just to name a few, it has eBooks along the lines of Close Quarter Combat, Grenades and Pyrotechnics, Law Enforcement Investigations, mine and Countermine Operations, U.S. Military Fitness Training and a handful of medical handbooks just to name a few.

         Download Link: Here

I hope you all enjoy these great eBooks as much as I did!


  1. Thanks for these :D

  2. This is awesome, you are a scholar and a gentleman, sir

  3. I just don't know what to say... thank you :D

  4. good, I need some military tactics, thank you

  5. Thanks!
    By the way, if you have something about Mafia could be interesting too.

  6. Do you know any place that has ebooks for college students? I hate paying almost 100 bucks for some book that Ill only use once.

  7. thanks bro, it's people like you that made the internet go round

  8. @Coilis
    Sorry but you'll have to either look at pirating them or just paying for them. You can find some cheap ones off of, the two or three year old ones, but some teachers require the latest book, really depends on the class.

  9. hahah at pirating I love pirates. ar ar matey